Benefits of RTC

Radhakrishna Food Services

Value Addition To Food Products

In the primary stage, our product undergo basic processing, while during the secondary stage, value-addition to the processed food is carried out, which includes addition of micr-nutrients and other required minerals.

High controlled temperature retain optimum nutrition in the food which can be further fortified. Right measure of water prevents drain of soluble nutrients.

Equipment & utensils are sanitised every time, made of SS-304.

Premix provides consistent quality product throughout our processing. We are certified by NABL Labs.

Premix requires very less time & efforts to cook. Customer always gets freshly prepared product.

Without additives, product is stable at room temperature. Premix doesn’t require any refrigeration.

Cook as you need. Can be delivered within 5-10 minutes

Premix takes 1/3 space compared to fresh material products.

Premixes can be customized, fortified & easily modified. Process oriented and not person dependent.